In depth - DTC Hub launch film

When DTC invited me to their offices and warehouse, and gave me a tour of their business, one thing was clear. They are all about people. So what better way to tell their story with fun animated characters?

I was tasked to create a film that highlights DTC’s unique stock management system for business; The DTC Hub. Using a mix of Cinema 4D for the 3D storytelling, Mixamo motion capture, and a customised set of rigged human characters, scenes were built using simple backdrops and shapes, and some extra props came from CGAxis.

Once lit, animated and rendered, these scenes were edited together with an extensive amount of 2D animation and motion graphics in After Effects. The DTC hub has a number of screens which required re-building in After Effects, and animating for the purposes of the story. (The Math.Round ( ) expression took a hammering on this one!)

With the early, ‘negative’ part of the film, I desaturated the colour to accentuate the storyline, then when the DTC solution kicks in, we go to the full vibrant greens of the DTC brand.


As well as contrasting stock music, we needed a small amount of SFX on this film. I wanted to give the impression of people talking without actually hearing them, so the answer? Shout into a duvet and record it!! Sometimes the simplest solutions………

Had a lot of fun working with Scott Marlow on DTC’s latest animated video promoting the Hub - a FREE, new stock management system. Thanks for all your efforts, Scott. Looking forward to the official launch later this month!
— Liam Stagg - Marketing Manager, DTC

From scamps to frames



Existing 2D assets and selected Hub screens were animated in After Effects, some on brand transitions added, and finally a set of Subtitles.


Thanks for reading!

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