SMOTION is a nimble Motion Graphics studio.

Working with brands and business, agencies and studios, to tell your stories in a unique way, through design, animation and sound, we specialise in 2D and 3D Animation, Image Creation, Video Editing and Post Production.

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Latest work:

PUMA Skill Cube - New York City.

Hand painted frame-by-frame VFX, and motion tracked graphics and screen displays for this stunning launch film for the launch of the Skill Cube in Puma's New York City store.
Shot by the amazing duo of Hugo and Finn at We Are 8 seconds for Green Room Design.
Edited by Hansel Rodrigues, Sound design by Isaac Buffin, SFX by SMOTION.


A short animated promo for SMOTION, a pastiche of the brilliant opening titles for HBO'S 'Westworld', featuring another robot character originally designed by illustrator Mark Oliver. Please don’t sue me Westworld, I love you!

Built in Cinema 4D and rendered in Octane.
Character design - Mark Oliver. Direction, Editing, 3D modelling, texturing and animation - Scott Marlow.

‘CITROEN - Let’s Talk About…’ - Produced for RLA and Citroen.

4 shown here, of 12 short films in total, to be show in Citroen dealerships across the UK. A challenging mix of 2D animation in After Effects comped with 3D animation in Cinema 4D.
Produced on behalf of RLA. Script and storyboard - Mark Gilmore / Art Direction - Jack Davey / Animation, additional Art Direction & Music - Scott Marlow.

‘Meet Olly’ - Personal Project.

I just loved the illustration work for this years Brighton Fringe festival by Worthing based artist Mark Oliver. Each of the characters are so well constructed and shaded, they make my mouth water (weird!). I really wanted to explore building, rigging and animating one of the characters... so meet: 'Olly'. I think he's some kind of cosmic robot space announcer/singer...but I can't be sure. And yes it's silent, i'll leave the sound he's making to your imagination....Thanks Mark for being gracious enough let me adapt his amazing work. More to come!
Character design - Mark Oliver. 3D modelling, texturing and animation - Scott Marlow.


National learning disability charity HFT approached SMOTION to produce a fully animated film to advertise what they do, aimed at both their own staff teams, and the general public, making everybody more aware of how they are funded and the important work they carry out.
We took the existing HFT house style and produced hand drawn storyboards all the way to a complete 5+ minute animated film, with soundtrack and voiceover.
Animation, Editing, Voiceover and Direction - Scott Marlow.

‘RE NEW’. Produced for RLA.

A short film explaining the benefits of purchasing RE NEW remanufactured parts. Produced for RLA and Distrigo. Built and animated in Cinema 4D w/Octane Render. Edit and Sound design in After Effects and Premiere.
Produced on behalf of RLA. Script and storyboard - Mark Gilmore / Art Direction - Jack Davey / Additional Art Direction - Scott Marlow.


A series of animated type “quotes” to advertise the latest podcast from UK comms expert Netcall.
Art Direction and Animation - Scott Marlow.


‘PERKS’. Produced for RLA.

A series of email served Gifs to draw attention to prize giveaways.

**AWARD WINNING** It’s really satisfying to see work you’ve put together come to fruition and receive recognition. The studio at RLA were tasked with creating design concepts for a new automotive rewards and loyalty programme called PERKS. At the time I was thrilled when my suggestion of using Cinema4D to build ‘real’ auto parts and neon signage was taken to concept and chosen by the client. Now, with the help of a great creative studio, dev, planning, data and sterling account management the programme has been awarded the top award in the Automotive category at the Marketing Masters Awards 2018.

Produced for RLA and PSA. Built in Cinema 4D and Octane Render. Art Direction - Scott Marlow.

CORTEX. Produced for RLA.

A silent, looping animation used on an exhibition stand, explaining the features & benefits of the Cortex Marketing platform.
Produced for RLA. Art direction Jack Davey / Animation - Scott Marlow.

Vodafone - Shine A Light. Social film for We Are 8 Seconds.

A full edit for We Are 8 Seconds and Vodafone Foundation.
Editing and Screen Graphics - Scott Marlow.

BOAT TRIP. A small personal project.

Taking a static 2D illustration by my talented friend, Brighton based illustrator Donough O'Malley, and turning it into 3D layered animation. Be sure to turn your sound on!
Animation and Direction - Scott Marlow.


Our friends over at We Are 8 Seconds asked SMOTION to add fluid screen graphics to their inspirational Social film showcasing the Deloitte Ride Across Britain.
Direction - We Are 8 Seconds / Screen Graphics - Scott Marlow.

VOLVO FIRST CLASS. Produced for RLA and Volvo.

A short film highlighting the benefits of the new Volvo First Class Rewards Programme. Storyboarded on paper and animated in Adobe After Effects using a mixture of live action stock footage, 2D animation and 3D assets created and animated in Cinema4D. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. A mix of live action and Motion Graphics.
Produced for RLA. Art Direction - Jack Davey / Storyboard, Animation and additional Art Direction - Scott Marlow.


Bus and Truck concepts.

These never made it off the ground, but a really engrossing project, re-imagining the hard-working daily use of commercial trucks on the road. All conceptualised in Photoshop CC. Never got the chance to make these move, but damn, that would have been something wouldn’t it?
Produced for RLA. Art Direction - Scott Marlow.